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The steel "Consciousness Series" was created in Shreveport, Louisiana during an interim period between living in Phoenix, Arizona and moving to Lexington Virginia.

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20" tall x 10" wide x 10" deep

Price: Acquired

"Life changes can seem chaotic until we have risen above it to realize that all along it was a process of "transformation." 


20" tall x 10" wide x 10" deep

Price: Acquired

"A level of living attained that is only temporary."

Transcendent Love

21" tall x 28" wide x 8" deep

Price: $1,375

"The deepest connection possible between two Beings; one that transcends the outer bonds."

Cosmic Time

22" tall x 22" wide x 16" deep

Price: $1,050

"The illusive space where everything stops, for just a moment."

Seeking Liberation

20" tall x 32" wide x 18" deep

Price: $1,450

"Looking outside ourselves for what we already are."

From The Void

15" tall x 16" wide x 6" deep


"The space from which all creations are born."

Razor's Edge

13" tall x 21" wide x 6" deep


"Titled after the Zen practice of focusing one's attention on the razor's edge of the present moment or now..."

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